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Frequently Asked ?'s

The cats are here to answer your Q's.

Do I need reservations or can I walk in?

We recommend reservations whenever your schedule allows you to make them!  We do accept walk-ins, when we have space, but we have to prioritize our pre-paid reservations first.  If we are at capacity and do not have space for walk-ins, we will have to ask you to come back later.


How many cats and kittens are there?

​Cats typically don't reproduce as much in winter, but when late spring arrives... BOOM -- it's "kitten season"! During summer, we typically have 15+ kittens in the café!  Late fall/winter-- not so many kittens, but more older cats.


Can I bring my cat to the café? Or a stray?

Please, no. We have plenty! If you need to surrender a cat, please contact the Humane Society of Huron Valley.


Can I bring or drop off my kids?

Although there are select drop-off events, all regular open hours require adult supervision for children.  Teens 15 and older can come to the café unattended.  Under 15, kiddos must be accompanied by an adult.  Active adult supervision is required at all times for children during your visit.

We ask that a ratio of one adult per every 3 children under 8 years old be maintained at all times.


Can we pick up the cats?

Usually, adult cats prefer not to be held.  For our cats’ safety and your own, we ask you to interact by petting and playing.  You may be able to coax an older kitty onto your lap for snuggles, but this is on kitty’s terms. 


Kittens may be held by parents to help children interact with them, but we do ask that you handle them carefully at all times by supporting their full weight and their legs.  We ask that all children refrain from picking up or carrying kitties of any age!


Do you (or the cats) take donations? 

YES! Towels, blankets and kitten/cat wet food are always appreciated. We also accept toys, beds, and lightly used cat trees.  As a part of the Humane Society of Huron Valley, we can share donations with them, too.

Or see our Amazon Wish List!


What about food?

We have a self-serve snack bar with coffee, teas, hot chocolate, chips, granola bars, and other light snacks. We suggest a $1 donation for each item to help keep our snack bar stocked.  Snack donations can be made by cash or credit card. You can also bring food and non-alcoholic drinks with you for your visit. We ask that any food you bring be covered when you step away to visit our kitties, so they do not get into it!


How much does it cost to adopt?

Our adoption fees (which include their spay/neuter surgery, up-to-date vaccines and microchip ID -- i.e., a total deal!) are:

  • Kittens under 5 months: $150

  • Cats 5 months & over: $115

  • Senior Cats (11+ years): $70


Can you do same-day adoptions?

Our goal is to get animals home as soon as possible! Same-day adoptions are possible but are sometimes a challenge due to staffing levels, program, or an animal’s medical needs.  Most will go home within a few days after you’ve placed your adoption hold.


Is your building accessible?

Yes! There is a ramp available in the front of our building, and we have space in our café to accommodate both walkers and a wheelchairs. If any further assistance is needed, our staff are always happy to help!  Please call with any specific accommodation questions.

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