Tiny Lions lounge & Adoption Center (TLC)

5245 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Accessible by bus - AATA Route 30!




Fax: 734.585.5444



Open 6 days/week

Tuesday through Friday 11-7

Saturday 10-7

Sundays 10-5

Closed Mondays (Cat naps!)


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Nov 6

Poe formerly known as Tony


We recently adopted Poe and oh what a ball of energy is he!!! He and Hatchepsut, our rescue bengal mama are having endless fun together! Hatchy is happy to be looking after a youngster again! Thank you HVHS for our


Poe relaxing about 3 months old

wonderful little boy!

New Posts
  • I first met Hatchy a year ago...she was an extremely shy bengal mama cat...she is now my best pal and can't imagine life without her...she loves to watch birds outside, play with her catnip mice and hang out on the couch...thank you HVHS for helping us find each other!!
  • Sarah loves watching birds and squirrels all day. It took her 2-3 days to come out from hiding. She does listen to be held, but loves her neck and head ears scratched. She is purring all the time.
  • Hi there, Tiny Lions! Seeing the updates on your Facebook inspired me to send my own. I’m a former volunteer and I adopted Kitty Cat a year ago! We celebrated her “Gotcha Day” in March. She is now called Ekubo; her name means “dimple” in Japanese. Last August Ekubo made the move with me from Michigan to Colorado. In my new apartment she is Queen of the Couch, and much less shy and fearful than when we first met (not to mention less skinny)! She loves meeting visitors and showing them where her food bowl is.