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When you visit, you'll meet anywhere from 10-20 cats. (Please, do not bring your own cat in; we have enough here!) Though there's no obligation to adopt, you're welcome to, and here's how:

  • Complete an adoption application anytime! You may apply for one cat at a time (unless you're interested in adopting 2 cats at once).

  • The adoption fee at TLC for adult cats (age 5 months to 12 years) is $100 and for senior cats (age 12+ years) is $70 (for kittens, when we have them, is $135). The adoption fee includes their spay/neuter surgery, initial health check, up-to-date vaccinations, microchip ID, a 30-day trial of pet illness and accident insurance, a discounted vet exam at the HSHV Veterinary clinic, and access to HSHV's behavior helpline.

  • Adoptions at TLC are on a "first come, first served" basis. If a cat already has an application pending, you may apply, too, but please know the cat will most likely go home with the first applicant.

  • On Saturday, we'll call you to discuss the cat(s).

  • If approved, we'll ask that you please come to TLC on Sunday to complete the adoption process and get your new family member!

  • We may be able to accommodate a limited number of same-day adoptions on Sundays.

we're available...

These may not be the only cats at the café, but these furry friends are the ones currently available for adoption!


Did you adopt from us? Please give us an update!

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