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ACTIVITES (with cats)

Trivia (with, kittens)


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Fee: $15 per person, in person includes 2 drinks (beer, wine) and popcorn; or $7.50 for virtual tickets

Select Friday nights 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Adults only - Age 18+ (ID checked at door)

Trivia with Cats is back...this time with Even More Kittens! 


We've brought back in-person Trivia, but for those who'd rather Zoom it in (or play long distance) we've got you covered, too!  In-person tickets get you entry for a fun night with furry feline friends, with two drink tickets and popcorn.  Virtual tickets (sold at a discount) mean you and your team can get involved from anywhere. 


It works just like classic bar trivia, but with a kitty twist.  The cutest game you'll ever play!

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