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Laurie Aman
Oct 13, 2020
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We adopted Mortimer on Sep. 3rd 2019 and he has grown so much! He still is acting very much like a kitten and loves to cuddle on his dad's lap every day. He has loved 2020 because both of his pawrents are home 24/7 and give him all of the attention he craves. He is a little too mischievous to his older sister Zephyr, but there are very sweet moments when she will allow him to sleep on the bed near her =) Mortimer has some signature moves.... the dramatic "stretch and plop".... the loud meow in the kitchen when he wants to eat green peas (he's obsessed)....a very loud motor boat purr while cuddling, and running wild all over the house and throwing himself high into the air. Nicknames include..... "Morti", "Foofy".... "Morti-Foofy-Goofyness" ... and "Foofiness". We are so happy we decided to take on a kitten from Tiny Lions. He is just simply purrrrfect. Thank you! P.S. - We noticed that a kitten picture of Mortimer is featured on the Tiny Lions home page above the word "relax" =) It made us smile Here are some more recent pictures =)
Mr. Mortimer the very purry cat content media
Laurie Aman
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