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Aug 24, 2022
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I adopted Oatmeal (the cat formerly known as Rusty) from Tiny Lions, and I am in love. He has already learned two new tricks-- "sit" and "sit pretty"! He is one smart kitten! He loves to play with his toys, and every morning, he headbutts me, purrs non-stop, and demands that we cuddle! Next, it's off to play before breakfast-- yippee! The vet says he is going to be a pretty big cat when he grows up-- he's only 4 months, and the vet says he is as big as a 6-minth-old cat Big boy! Tiny Lion? More like not-so-tiny lion! Little Oatmeal has found his forever home, and I have found my forever friend. Thank you, Tiny Lions, for taking such wonderful care of my Oatie before he came to me
Please meet Oatmeal, the not-so-tiny lion!  content media


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